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Chiropractic for Kids

If you are wondering or have considered getting your kiddo in to receive chiropractic care, don't wait! There are many reasons why chiropractic is so good for kids.  We know, that often injuries that occured in childhood set you on a crash course for adulthood.  Subluxations or in other words..misalignments of the spine can impact the nervous system and therefore affect future development of the spine. Any Interference in the nervous system can adversely affect the body's ability to function at its best.  Treating in the beginning stages of injuries and or stresses of life can make all the difference.

Early intervention of alternative health care and establishing a good chiropractor for your child should be apart of your child's primary health care plan.

Why Chiropractic for kids?

  • Better Sleep

  • Improved behavior and attitude hence "attitude adjustment ;P

  • Increased immune system function

  • Prevention of conditions that start and can carry into adulthood

We Accept Denali Kid Care!

"Alaska Medicaid covers chiropractic services for children under 21 years of age. Coverage is limited to 12 spinal manipulations and one chiropractic X-ray exam per recipient, per calendar year (January through December). If the recipient is under age 6, the chiropractor must get a service authorization before treating the child." 

Discounts for Kids

Custom Orthotics for Kids

Youth Outgrowth Program

For Children 13 and under who outgrow orthotics within 12 months of the invoice date. Footmaxx will make a free pair from new scans/cast provided


Join ChiroHealthUSA $49 annual membership fee, includes the whole family and receive the following discounts!


Kids 10 and under receive treatment as follows:

$75 New Patient Visit

after new patient visit

$20 Spinal Manipulation

Call our office to set up an appointment for your kiddo.

Learn more about ChiroHealthUSA and additional membership benefits for the whole family!

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