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Ultrasound therapy works by using very high frequency sound waves which cannot be heard by humans. The sound waves resonate with scar tissue below the surface of the skin. Just like an opera singer breaks a glass when hitting the right frequency, scar tissue resonates at a certain frequency that also breaks in the same manner. Using a round headed wand or probe and ultrasound gel to reduce friction, the probe is applied directly to the skin. Muscles, tendons, and or ligaments of the affected area are treated by gentle massage. During the treatment, the chiropractor or assistant will keep the ultrasound head in constant motion. Although nothing is felt, deep within your skin ultrasound waves are working and causing vibration of the tissue. Constant vibration causes a deep heating within the skin. Deep heating causes an increase in blood flow which in turn causes the reduction in pain, swelling and edema brought on by injuries.  Ultrasound can be applied to most areas of the body. 


Benefits of Ultrasound:

·         faster healing process

·         increased blood flow

·         decrease in pain

·         reduction of swelling

·         no strain added

·         scar tissue is softened


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