Poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental pollutants, harmful electromagnetic fields from electronics, toxic chemicals, and air pollutants have all been proven to contribute to chronic pain and illness. The key to getting rid of these pollutants lies within our very own cells. Your cells hold a certain charge just as a cell battery does. Research has proven that when voltage has begun to drop, pain and illness are manifested. Ultimate health is defined by voltage.  Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) restores optimal voltage by recharging the electrical gradient in the cell. The PEMF machine delivers fast, low to high pulsing magnetic fields to charge imbalanced cells. You can be pain free in less than 30 minutes. 


PEMF Therapy has been FDA approved for treatment in:

  • Stimulating Bone Growth

  • Treating Edema And Pain From Post Surgery

  • Adjunct to Cervical Fusion Surgery

  • Depression


3 ways to energize our cells

  • Natural Spring Water

  • Exercise

  • Good Nutrition











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Sessions are 60 minutes, and we recommend taking advantage of 3 sessions per week to experience optimal wellness results as you begin your PEMF journey. Availability is first-come-first serve so call or email to book your session before the appointment slots are filled!