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PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology restores optimal voltage by recharging the electrical gradient in the cell. The PEMF machine delivers fast, low to high pulsing magnetic fields to charge imbalanced cells. You can be pain free in less than 30 minutes. Poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental pollutants, harmful electromagnetic fields from electronics, toxic chemicals, and air pollutants have all been proven to contribute to chronic pain and illness. The key to getting rid of these pollutants lies within our very own cells. Your cells hold a certain charge just as a cell battery does. Research has proven that when voltage has begun to drop, pain and illness are manifested. Ultimate health is defined by voltage.  


PEMF Technology has been FDA approved for treatment in:

  • Stimulating Bone Growth

  • Treating Edema And Pain From Post Surgery

  • Adjunct to Cervical Fusion Surgery

  • Depression


3 ways to energize our cells

  • Natural Spring Water

  • Exercise

  • Good Nutrition












We have the Roll Royce machine of PEMF Technology! Your going to love the MagnaCharger Pro! This device is engineered with solid state power and user- controlled pulsing. Try 19 pulse rate settings with adjustable strength and up to two accessory ports. Experience ultimate customization in your PEMF session. 


  • Adjustable Session Timer that goes up to 90 minutes

  • Separate controls for Magnetic Field Strength (MFS) and Pulses Per Second (PPS) settings 

  • Works with up tp two human accessories

  • Flat total body bed accessory for whole body coverage for multiple resting positions. Ly on your back, stomach or side.

  • Chair pad accessory on a wooden rocker for pulsing of core, lower back and upper body.

  • Square pad accessory for numerous application to shoulders, back, hips, abdomen, and more!

  • Paddles accessory provides focused pulse PEMF. These can be double stacked or used to "sandwich" extremities.

  • Rings accessory offer the most focused and concentrated PEMF application for small, dense areas like bony joints or fibrous tissue.


What's a PEMF Session like?

During the Session

■ Generally a gentle and soothing session

■ Little muscle contractions

■ You'll notice pulsing, stimulation and movement in areas of your body

■ Areas that are more sensitive

■ Possible lightheadedness or nausea

After the Session


■ Better natural recovery

■ Overall relaxation

■ Increased energy


In some cases, it could take time for any effects to play out. While this can seem like its not working and a disappointment, incorporating PEMF into a a good wellness routine often will address chronic underlying cellular dysfunction that helps support the body’s natural ability to regulate and heal itself. 


■ Headaches

■ Brain fog

■ Fatigue

■ Nausea

We will mitigate detoxification symptoms by recommending you pulse at low intensity for the last 10 minutes of every session and encourage you to hydrate before and after the session. 

Try the Amazing healing properties of this Machine!


3 Hours of PEMF and consult for $99

Only available for new customers to PEMF. one per person.

The effects of PEMF Technology are cumulative. PEMF is exercise for our cells, like physical exercise, positive effects build off the previous session. The more consistent you are with your treatment the faster you will get results. Cumulative sessions build into natural healing of the body and then move into health maintenance. We provide packages that are designed to provide you with an option that works into your long-term wellness routine and schedule.

Drinking Water

PEMF Technology

Purchase Packages! Coming soon!

Sessions are 60 minutes. We recommend taking advantage of 3 sessions per week to experience optimal wellness results as you begin your PEMF journey. Availability is first-come-first serve so call or email to book your session before the appointment slots are filled!

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