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The ProAdjuster is another option to the traditional "manual" adjustment. Your chiropractor will palpate the spine as usual in a "manual" adjustment to find subluxations with the aid of the ProAdjuster. The ProAdjuster offers a precise force to a segment of the spine and or joint using modern technology without twisting or torqueing to correct misalignment and subluxations. The ProAdjuster is safe for all ages and is very appropriate for infants and seniors. If a "manual" adjustment gets you anxious or you experience no relief from chiropractic because you tense up at your appointment, the ProAdjuster is a great option for you as well.  At Frontier Chiropractic we believe not all patients are the same and we strive to offer the best treatment to all types of patients.  You can now experience the benefits of chiropractic no matter your comfort level! Please ask us if you have any questions-we'll happy to help. 

Mechanical Motion Therapy w/PROSOFT 360

The Prosoft360 works to help rehabilitate the function of the neuropathways and soft tissue (including muscles, tendons, ligaments, mechanoreceptors, and proprioceptors) in order to improve the relations between expected and actual function.

This unique approach of delivering instrument assisted percussion to the body’s soft tissues with simultaneous patient participation using the prescribed Mechanical Motion Therapy protocols often produces positive change in a very short time.

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